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car removals melbourne

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At Cars for cash Melbourne we also provide Car Removals Service across Melbourne, We Remove old cars and Unwanted Cars that are no longer in use or just an old and damaged. When you finally decide it’s time to get cash for your car, and you are ready for removal of your car, an important question to ask the salvage yard is exactly what preparations you will need to make in order to bring your car to get cash.

Car Removals Melbourne

Many salvage places will request that you remove the tires and wheels, or possibly the gas tank, or all of the above. Other salvage yards will accept your car without needing anything removed, and yet others will possibly accept them, but will take the fee of removal out of your cash.

We will not ask you to do any of the above, we will simply give you a free quote and once you are happy with the price quoted we will organise the removal of your car at own cost. Another question to ask is whether you need to deliver the junk car or if they will pick it up. Often times it depends on your area, and how far away you are from the salvage company. Usually you will get paid more to bring it yourself, and you should only have it towed if it is not in drivable condition. It’s also advisable to check the local towing laws to make sure you don’t receive a ticket.

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