Cash for Scrap Cars

cash for scrap cars

At Cars for Cash Melbourne we buy all sorts of cars like scrap cars, many people call us every day and ask us if we buy scrap cars or simply “I have a car that i would like to scrap or get scrapped” Yes we do buy scrap car too and pay cash for all kind of scrap cars, vans or a trucks.

What is a scrap car?

Scrap cars are classed as cars only used for metal recycling process it means according to us that a scrap car cannot be used for second hand parts and they we price them according to the scrap metal prices for its shell and aluminium engine and gearboxes and there are many valuable scrap metal in each and every car but some cars are too good to be scraped for metal.

One of the category in our business operation is scrap metal recycling where we collect scrap cars and separate different metals from a scrap car and sell direct to the mill or steel recyclers in Melbourne because we provide them in bulk quantity or weight we get more for our scrap steel than you were to take your car to them yourself because they would treat you as normal of the street walk ins therefore its always best to scrap your car through us.

We are not limited to scrap cars, we also buy

  • Cash for Scrap Vans
  • Cash for Scrap Utes
  • Cash for Scrap Trucks
  • Cash for Scrap 4x4s
  • Get Cash Up to $10,000 on the spot.

We make scrapping a car very easy and stress free for all the residents of Melbourne and the demand for scrap cars keep on increasing every year as it costs much less to recycle metal than the raw iron ore.

Why choose us for scrapping your car?

Well the answer to this question is we provide cash for scrap cars service in Melbourne and we are licensed to deal with scrap cars, for you as our customer its very simple it’s just a matter of scrapping a car and that’s it but if you think deeply about it you should be very concerned about it who you sell your scrap to because before a car gets scrapped there are many hazardous gases in the car to be professionally degassed and all the oil and other contamination liquids have to be drained out , just take an example of air conditioning gas in the car if you sell your scrap car to a company who has no authorized person to degas the air con gas they simply cut the hoses and let the gas vanish in the air but this gas does not vanish it goes straight up until the ozone layer because the mass of these gases are lighter than any other gas in the air it may not harm you in present but it will have major issues for the generations coming after you.

Scrap Cars and Scrap Car Removals

We remove scrap car and as well as scrap van or a truck we do not stop at just scrap cars, people think removing a scrap truck is harder than cars or vans but we are fully geared up with crane trucks we can remove a truck in any condition, drive able or not. Scrap car removals used to be just a matter of removing a scrap car but now a days we pay cash for scrap cars and Trucks also Vans and Utes.

Below are some reasons why you should choose us.

  • We are fully licensed to buy scrap car
  • We are fully licensed to run a scrap car recycling business
  • We are fully licensed by the local council allowing us with a permit to run scrap car dismantling
  • We pay cash for scrap cars
  • We securely save all your information in our own servers.
  • We provide same day service to remove your scrap car.
  • With us customers come first as we step out of our way to make you happy with the deal.
  • We deal with all the paperwork involved in scrapping a car.

We also buy wrecked cars and pay cash for old and used cars upto $10,000.

  • We buy cars for parts
  • We buy Vans for parts
  • We buy Trucks for parts
  • We buy Utes and 4x4s for parts.